Viral infections are becoming more prevalent as multiple factors are contributing to the emergence of new viral pathogens. The expansion of human population leads to the removal of barriers between animal and human communities favoring the development of zoonoses. Modern immunosuppressive therapies create favorable fields for the replication of viruses commonly not pathogenic and the spread of viruses worldwide is promoted by globalization and by climatic changes extending the range of action for some viral vectors.

In addition, there still exist several human pathologies for which extensive classical diagnostic tests have failed to find the etiology and which are supposed to be of viral origin. Thus improved detection of the new emerging and re-emerging viruses by a strategies combining microscopy, culture, molecular biology and NGS (metagenomics, metatranscriptomics and metaproteomics) is urgently needed.

The scientific objective of our team is to detect and characterize new viruses and emerging viruses at the scale of the individual organism, of the populations and of the communities  by combining culture-dependent and culture-independent experimental strategies.

Our team mainly works on 3 interconnected axes