Christelle Desnues

albantor-tux-yoda-starwars-1563Group leader
DR2 (HDR) CNRS research director
Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, AMU/CNRS/IRD
Méditerranée Infection Institute, IRD, AP-HM
E-mail: christelle[dot]desnues[at]univ-amu[dot]fr

Keywords: Virus diversity and evolution, viral metagenomics, pathogen discovery

2016 HDR Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France (Human pathologies)
2004 PhD Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France (Microbial Ecology)
2001 MSc Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France (Marine microbiology)
2000 BSc Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France (Microbiology)


  • Positions and Employment
    2020-now DR2-CNRS Research Director, Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography
    2012-now CR1-CNRS Research Associate, URMITE UMR 7278, Marseille, France
    2011-now Group leader of the “PathoVirome” team (rank A+ by the AERES)
    2008-2012 CR2-CNRS Research Associate, URMITE UMR 7278, Marseille, France
    2007-2008 Postdoctoral researcher, URMITE UMR 6236, Marseille, France
    2006-2007 Postdoctoral researcher, San Diego State University, USA
    2004-2005 Research associate (ATER), LMGEM UMR 6117, Marseille, France
  • Teaching
    2019- now:  Lecturer in marine virology, Faculté des sciences de Luminy, France
    2007-now Lecturer in viral ecology and metagenomics, Faculté de Médecine de la Timone, France
    2006-2007 Lecturer in Microbiology, San Diego State University, USA
    2004-2005 Lecturer in Microbiology, Faculté de Luminy, France (ATER, 96 hours total)
    2001-2004 Assistant lecturer in Biostatistics, Faculté de Luminy, France (Monitorat, 192 hours total)
  • Awards and Honors
    2016 Prix Départemental pour la Recherche en Provence
    2013 SANOFI-PASTEUR International award for biomedical research
    2013 “Junior Scientist” of the IHU
    2010 Bronze medal of the CNRS
    2010 Claude Paoletti prize
    2008 Marseille City council award for young researcher
    2004 PhD University prize


2020 AOI FR ECCOREV, (2021-2022) GORPOL (10 k€, co-PI)
2109 A*MIDEX AAP Méditerranée, HOLODIV (80 k€, co-PI)
2019 A*MIDEX pépinières d’excellence (2019-2021), ALGOVIR (25 k€, co-PI)
2019 AAP EC2CO Grants, AT Microbien. BIOMevo (20 k€, collaborator)
2019 JEAI IRD MOSANE (50 k€, collaborator)
2018 DOC2AMU Fondation A*MIDEX, PhD salary +functioning (150 k€, co-supervisor)
2018 AAP EC2CO Grants “Action sur Projets”. DIANE (32k€, collaborator)
2018 AAP-MUSE, Montpellier University of Excellence, PhD salary +functioning (150k€, co-supervisor)
2013 ANR JCJC (250 k€, Principal Investigator)
2013 A*MIDEX Management of Talents (100 k€, Principal Investigator)
2013 TOTAL Fundation Grant (146 k€, collaborator)
2010 ERC Starting Grant for young researcher (832 k€, Principal Investigator)
2010 EC2CO Grant (72 k€, collaborator)
2011 TOTAL Fundation Grant (80 k€, collaborator)
2001-2004 French Ministry of Education and Research fellowship (3 years)
2000-2001 University merit fellowship (1 year)


2019- Bhawna Sama, co-supervision 50% B. Canard (PhD)
2018- Harilanto Andrianjakarivony co-supervision 50% Y. Bettarel (PhD)
2018- Elsa Gadoin co-supervision 50% Y. Bettarel (PhD)
2018- Emily Chase co-supervison 50% G. Blanc (PhD)
2017-2021 Alexia Bordigoni (PhD)
2015-2017 Raja Duraisamy (post-doc)
2015-2018 Sébastien Halary (post-doc)
2015-2018 Maxime Gaudin (PhD)
2014-2017 Nicolas Rascovan (postdoc)
2013-2016 Sarah Temmam (PhD)
2010-2013 Laura Fancello (PhD, 90%, co-supervision with Pr. D. Raoult)
2011-2013 Nikolay Popgeorgiev (postdoc)
2009-2011 Mickaël Boyer (postdoc)
2013 Emmanuel Prestat (postdoc)


– Member of the scientific board of doctoral school ED62 (science de la vie et de la santé)
– Member of the scientific board IM2B (Institut de Microbiologie, Bioénergies et Biotechnologie)
– Scientific committee, Thematic school CNRS «VIR2OMIQUES » in 2014


– Evaluation committee HCERES 2019, ANR (SVSE 6) 2011
– Expert for national (ANR, EC2CO, INSU…) and international grant calls (NERC, NSF, COST, NSF…)
– Reviewer for 4 HDR, 1 PhD and examinator for 4 PhDs
– President and expert member of several jurys (IR, MCF)
– Expertise group Microbiote INSERM H2020
– Reviewer for several scientific journals (5-10 articles/years)